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Book about How to Protect Trade Secrets

Positively Confidential: 10 Proven Steps to Protecting Confidential Information, Private Data, and Intellectual Property in Today’s Interactive Business World
by Naomi Fine, Esq.

Reasonable Measures Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9800268-0-1
Reasonable Measures Publishing
Paperback, 336 pages, 6" x9", $29.95 U.S.

Positively Confidential helps organizations nurture an ecosystem that builds trust, supports collaboration, and fosters intellectual property development.  The result: profitability, industry leadership, and brand enhancement.

Many companies struggle to teach their diverse staffs the right balance between sharing and protecting sensitive business information. Senior management worries that trusted insiders may take valuable information without even knowing they are stealing trade secrets or violating privacy laws. And, if a company cannot prove that it took reasonable efforts to protect its stolen information, their trade secret case will be lost.

Most organizations don't have the tools to motivate and engage stakeholders in a positive, easy, and effective process to safeguard confidential information, protect trade secrets, and secure private data. Weak or inconsistent information protection diminishes intellectual property, undermines legal compliance, and tarnishes the organization's reputation. Without a positively confidential ecosystem, companies pay a high price—as collaboration, trust, profitability and competitiveness erode.

It doesn't have to be this way. The book, Positively Confidential, is an inexpensive and effective tool to inspire everyone with access to business information to respect and protect its value. Naomi Fine, Esq., draws on her extensive experience as Pro-Tec Data’s CEO, and as an expert witness in high-profile trade secret litigation, to present a ten-step process to make it easy for anyone to appropriately protect confidential business information, private data and trade secrets. The ten steps offer a roadmap to creating a positively confidential ecosystem.

Filled with powerful tools and detailed examples, Positively Confidential helps an organization make safeguarding confidential information, protecting trade secrets, securing private data, and nurturing intellectual property development a potent edge for their company.

To request an interview with Naomi Fine, Esq., for more information about Positively Confidential, or for tips on safeguarding confidential information, protecting trade secrets, and securing private data,  contact Naomi Fine via email or at (650) 493-0555.