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Positively Confidential Book Testimonials

  • "A particularly important book for corporations today. Naomi Fine faces the challenges of current information risk realities by providing a powerful antidote to the information loss crisis.  Positively Confidential offers an essential lesson and a demanding but optimistic guide to protecting information."
    Ellen Koplow, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary, TD Ameritrade Holding Corp.
  • "Positively Confidential tells the truth: If you protect confidential and private information, you can positively change the future of your company and your position in it. Just as important, this book tells you how to do it. Positively Confidential empowers the reader to transform company information into intellectual assets. Naomi Fine makes it easy and compelling. A must read for every corporate citizen. It can inspire all of us to create a better future in our work and for our company."
    Gary Bender, Head of Global Intellectual Asset Strategy, Visa
  • "A readable, sensible and balanced guide to protecting confidentiality and privacy, illuminated by easy-to-understand examples. This is an ever-so-practical and yet ever-so-thoughtful contribution to our understanding of individual responsibilities to protect our most valuable assets – our ideas."
    Edgar Menezes, Director of Intellectual Property, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.
  • "Naomi Fine turns the arcane and intimidating arena of confidentiality and intellectual property on its head. Positively Confidential provides a savvy look at the changing world of information protection in the age of globally connected innovators! It is an engaging book, rich in real world insights, and packed with illuminating examples."
    Mark Bauhaus, EVP/GM Service Layer Technologies Business Group, Juniper Networks
  • "Positively Confidential sets forth the corporate citizen’s responsibilities to protect company confidential and private information in today’s complex, interactive, technology-enabled world. Naomi Fine organizes and conveys these responsibilities with powerful and practical simplicity. It is an engaging book, rich in insights, and packed with fascinating real-world examples.  She cuts to the heart of why and how each of us should pay more attention to protecting the information that flows to and from us in our work day. Positively Confidential is indispensable for anyone who really wants to engage people in making a difference with information that will improve their company’s bottom line."
    Sherry Ryan, former Chief Information Security Officer, Hewlett Packard
  • “The capacity to transform information into intellectual assets is realized only if the process is easy and the rewards are substantial. Positively Confidential is a catalyst for both. An essential read for everyone in the workforce.”
    Shash Patel, Director, Information Risk Management & Privacy, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
  • "Positively Confidential compellingly describes why and how to protect confidential and private information. A strong backbone for information protection education and awareness, Positively Confidential engages readers with stories from the trenches, and provides potent motivation to fulfill confidentiality and privacy responsibilities." 
    John Landwehr, Director, Security Solutions and Strategy, Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • "Finally, a book about protecting intangible assets with a much-needed message; confidentiality is positive.  This book reveals in detail how great organizations build and maintain a culture that respects and protects the value of their information.  Dont just read it; use it to make a difference in your organization!" 
    John Tanner, Information Protection Officer, Boehringer Ingelheim USA
  • "With Positively Confidential, Naomi Fine builds on her decades of experience in managing corporate confidentiality.  She squarely confronts one of the most critical issues facing today’s globalized businesses, and in the process delivers a prescription that is comprehensive, easy to read, and full of practical solutions."
    James Pooley, Deputy Director General for Innovation and Technology, World Intellectual Property Organization, author of the treatise Trade Secrets, Former Adjunct Professor teaching about Trade Secrets, Boalt Hall Law School, University of California at Berkeley
  • "Positively Confidential belongs on the desk of every corporate citizen, and is a particularly important book for corporations today.  Naomi Fine's extraordinary book demystifies a subject of complex proportions and brings it into easy focus for all of us. Clear, concise, comprehensive and accessible, Positively Confidential will be seen as a seminal work on information protection."
    Ilene E. Coon, Senior Director, Global Security Programs and Strategic Planning, Seagate Technology